Safety tips for reenactors


1.    All members should try to drink one full canteen within an hour of

††††† starting any drill or battle.

2.    All NCOís should check to make sure every one has a full canteen, i.e., during

†††††† inspection move canteen to make sure it is full.

3.    All coats should be unbuttoned during very hot and humid weather.

4.    During any break during drill, or if you take a hit during a battle, remove your

††††† hat so that you can get rid of a lot of heat.

5.    If any member appears to be confused or slow to respond to commands move them to a shaded area, make them sit down, get their coat off and if they are not throwing up get them to drink.

6.    All members should carrier a period cloth that can be soaked with water in which

you can wipe down your head and neck to cool off.

7.    Drill should be kept to an hour or less and in the morning or evening.

8.    Any member who has a history of being down with the heat is at higher risk to be stricken again, they need to be watched, they should bring some thing like Gatorade to drink. (donít put in tin).

9.     If you notice yourself with a heavy yellow or orange urine, this is an early warning sign of dehydration, its telling you to start drinking!!!!



I hope these tips will help you have a safe and enjoyable season.